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If you have never been inside a KoffeeWorks before then you are in for a real treat. Once you step inside a KoffeeWorks you will be bamboozled with options. How do I find my way around?

The first thing you will see is the Roastery but you may want to head straight to the Tasting Benches and start your adventure here. After that it will be on to the Koffee Shed, or perhaps over to the Academy, or you may wish to take a look at the Brewing Equipment Displays. Everyone end up in the Kafé for a brew, a nibble and a bit of a rest. If you get lost or need some help just head over to the counter and ask one of the Krew for some help. You may not see all there is to see first time but that’s OK. We see many of our fans making numerous trips to explore more stuff and bring their friends with them. Make the journey to our place and spend some quality time learning more about this amazing world of tropical treats.

The Roastery

That wonderful aroma of fresh roasted coffee will be the first delight you will encounter as you walk through the entrance. You won’t need to look far to see the Roaster and more than likely it will be fired up and roasting. Roasting is as much a science as it is an art and our Roasters will explain how we roast different beans and what happens to the beans as they caramelize to that delicious, dark golden brown. Listen for a cracking noise inside the drum that signals it’s time to pour the smoking beans into the cooling tray. Watch as the sweep arms mix the beans with cool air blown through the tray. Gradually the cracking subsides, the smoke clears and another fresh roast is ready to bag. Every coffee we import comes from coffee estates around the vast global coffee belt. Each has sumptuous delicate flavours that are released during the different roasting procedures. Our roasters are tasked with finding the exact recipe that delivers the very best flavours.

The Brewing Equipment

Once you have discovered your favourite coffee you will want to enjoy a drop at home or at work whenever the moment presents. The key to enjoying a great coffee has as much to do with how a coffee is made, as it has to do with the quality of the coffee. We have worked hard to accumulate a great array of the coffee and tea brewing equipment brands. Because there are so many brewing methods, (stove tops, filters, pour-overs, french press and cold drips, to name a few) we are on hand to guide you with understanding what brewing equipment will suit you. Particular brew methods are better suited to certain coffees and the taste extracted from each also changes. Our suggestion is to first discover your favourite coffee and then come and talk to us about home brewing and we will not only help you choose the right equipment but we can give you some background on getting the best from your new equipment purchase.

Barista Training and Brewing Academy

You may wish to learn to serve coffee in a café or you may just wish to make great coffee at home or work. You will find a course at our Academy tailored any of any of those requirements. We will teach you all there is to know about making espressos, stretching milk, setting your grinder, cleaning your equipment. The Academy is also the place where you will discover the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino or a Ristretto and a Long Black. Understanding how to make a great coffee starts by understanding how coffee is grown and what the difference is between low and high altitude coffees, wet and dry processed coffees and mellow and bold roasts. Our courses range from absolute beginner level right up to hospitality end including refresher courses for commercial operators. Some of the Academy Courses are quick and easy. If timing permits we run ‘spot-courses’ on any of the brew methods. Even the humble plunger in the right hands is capable of creating professional results. Ask about our courses and which would suit you. We will find a time and a course that suits.

The Kafé

There will come a time during your visit when you just want to have some time out, a moment to put your feet up and relax with a drink and a nibble. We can promise you there is no better place for this than the Kafé. Where else will you get such a choice of beverages, teas, coffees, and chocolate both hot and cold? We have two different coffees in our grinders at any one time and ‘the pick of the house’ in teas. There is also a beautiful selection of savouries and sweets created to compliment our beverages. No matter the time of the day, breakfast, lunch or morning or afternoon teas you will find a wonderful selection of hot and cold foods. The Kafé is the place to recharge your batteries.

Workplace Training

If you need a more hands-on approach, then there are several ways we can get you up to speed. Often, we can talk you through a problem on the phone but sometimes we may need to organise workplace training, particularly when you are just getting started. There are times when workplace distractions make an academy course a better way to learn new skills.

If you want to know more about our training options,
give us a call at 6554 7080.