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Taking the PLUNGE

Taking the PLUNGE

Over the past number of years, we have noticed a trend in the coffee drinking community visiting us at Yahava. More and more people are swaying away from that drink formally known as coffee that comes in a jar, towards the beverage we know and enjoy today.

With the number of tastings we do over our tastings benches each year, the same question resonates amongst you all – How do I get my plunger to make the same drink that you have made here?

We don’t have secrets at Yahava, well this type anyway so here it is.

Grab yourself a bag of freshly roasted Yahava Koffee! Remember beans stay fresher for longer than the pre ground coffee.

Get a plunger that is right for you. Only making it for 1 person? The size you want is 3 cup. This will make you a mug of coffee. Making it for 2 people, grab a 6 cup plunger (notice that the size of the cup referred to in coffee equipments usually means espresso cups). You can go stainless steel plungers or the glass one, the stainless steel will retain more heat in the coffee, it just depends on what you prefer.

Grab yourself a grinder. Now we understand that these cost a little bit, but coffee will taste better each time if you grind as you go. You can cheat a little bit for a plunger and use a blade grinder, that type that chops the coffee as you don’t want it too fine. So lastly, know your grind. We can always give you a small sample of a plunger grind to compare to, but essentially you want it along the lines of coarse sand that you find at the beach. The type of sand that when you scoop it up, the water runs through.

Alright, you are set! From here it is easy…. we promise!

1. Boil your kettle. That is bring it to the boil BUT WAIT. Use this water to heat up your plunger and mug to be used. Coffee will burn when hit with boiling water, this adds a bitter flavour to the finish of the coffee before you’ve even started. Introducing heat to your plunger and mug will mean that less heat is lost in the process.

2. Empty out the water from your mug and plunger. Introduce a heaped dessert spoon of ground coffee to the plunger for every cup you are making (we use around 18grams of coffee in the 3 cup plungers on our tasting bench, making one mug or 2 cups).

3. Pour your, now off the boil, water over the coffee. Be sure to leave space at the top of the plunger for the plunger part to sit.

4. Using a plastic or wooden implement, stir the coffee thoroughly. This ensures that all the coffee is mixed through the hot water as it can clump. It will also enhance the beautiful creama that will be on top as you are using freshly roasted and ground coffee.

5. Let the coffee sit for another minute, place your plunger on top and press down. The coarse grind of coffee will mean that there should be a little resistance but not enough that it is a struggle. If you find you are struggling to press down into the plunger then the grind is too fine.

6. Pour your coffee out to enjoy!!!!

For further information please contact us.