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Romeo No. 5

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Romeo No. 5

A gold medal blend with a great balance of fruit sweetness, body and acidity - perfect for all methods of brewing

Origins: Colombia, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Rwanda

Body: Bold

Flavours: Sweet berry fruits with floral, zesty notes

Brewing: All methods


Romeo No. 5 combines 4 beautiful origins from across the coffee world. Colombian provides body and caramel sweetness, Ethiopian and Rwandan provide berry sweetness and bright acidity, while Sumatran is included for body, texture and some lifted blackcurrant notes.


The resultant blend is a great ‘allrounder’ and brews well through plungers, filters, stovetops and espresso machines. Romeo’s combination of body and bright acidity means it drinks beautifully as a black coffee, but really sings with milk as a flat white, latte or capuccino.

Did You Know?

Romeo No. 5 won a gold medal at the Golden Bean Awards, Australia’s top coffee competition!

Price: from $4.67