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A bright, floral coffee from the highland forests of Ethiopia.

Origin: Ethiopia

Body: Medium

Flavours: Bright and floral, with chocolate hints

Brewing: Filter, Syphon and Espresso

A floral and aromatic coffee from the highland forests of Ethiopia, the birthplace of Arabica coffee (it still grows wild today!!!) Sourced from the Limmu region, coffee is traditionally grown alongside other crops including bananas, tea and cinnamon. Bright, juicy acidity with berry fruits, silky body and chocolate notes means this outstanding single origin is also used as a valuable part of our Yahava blends.

Did You Know?

Legend tells the story of Kaldi, a young Ethiopian goatherd, who ‘discovered’ coffee when he noticed his goats erratic behaviour after eating red coffee cherries while grazing.

Price: from $4.67