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La Costa

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La Costa

The finest Arabicas from Costa Rica's famous Tres Rios and Tarrazu regions.

Origin: Costa Rica

Body: Mild

Flavours: Blueberries, chocolate and vanilla spice

Brewing: Filter, Stovetop and Espresso

The finest Arabicas from Costa Rica’s famous Tres Rios and Tarrazu regions (at altitudes of 1,400m – 1,700m ASL) are sourced to create the Jaguar blend. A unique washing and wet hulling process produces a beautifully clean cup of blueberries and vanilla spice, with a sweet milk chocolate and toffee finish.

Did You Know?

All of our Costa Rican coffee is ‘SHB’ or Strictly Hard Bean. This is a classification given to coffees grown above approximately 1,200m, and traditionally hand sorted, which produce harder, denser beans of higher quality.

Price: from $4.67