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Grown in the Anaimalai ranges of Tamil Nadu in Southern India, this coffee shows dark fruit notes with a floral, citrus fragrance.

Origin: India

Body: Bold

Flavours: Earth, chocolate and citrus

Brewing: Espresso and Plunger

In early 2012 the Junkie, the Purist and the Apprentice visited Thalanar Estate, high in the Anaimalai Ranges of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. They were so impressed with the quality of coffee (and people) at Thalanar that we decided to develop a direct relationship, with the estate supplying all of the beans for our much loved Kahava coffee. 

What really impressed us was how clean the flavours are – sweet earth, dark berries and citrus notes, with a caramel sweetness. Whether you’re using a commercial espresso machine, or brewing up coffee at home on your plunger or stovetop, Kahava will provide you with a great coffee.

For more information on Thalanar Estate, check out our Adventure Blogs.

Did You Know?

Another reason we’re so happy to develop a relationship with Thalanar Estate, is that we know our money is going back to the Estate and the workers that tend to the coffee trees. Having experienced how these workers are cared for as part of their job, we feel very lucky to be able to contribute.

Price: from $4.67