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Ice Koffee

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Ice Koffee

A rich, spicy Ice Koffee Elixir that is perfect on those hot summers days (but can also be drunk warm).

Hot coffee just not doing it for you? Well, if you like your coffee cold then Yahava Ice Koffee was created just for you! 

A rich, spicy blend of natural extracts, Indian chicory and Yahava’s Indian Tiger Mountain Koffee. Use one part elixir over nine parts of cold milk, throw in a scoop of ice-cream and change the way you look at Ice Koffee – perfect for those summer days!

Did You Know?

A third of a cup of our elixir will provide you with the ultimate Yahava Koffee Cheesecake or enjoy a splash of the same for Koffee icing on your gateaux. Go crazy and try basting your roast pork crackling with some!?

And don’t let the name fool you, our ice Koffee can be drunk warm, for a comforting, spicy winter coffee.

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