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It may be a surprise to you to know that Yahava KoffeeWorks is a franchise system. We find most people don’t know that so don’t feel bad! Why don’t people think Yahava is a franchise? Maybe it’s because we take time to choose true Yahava types to own and run a Yahava Business. We seek adventurous people, who live the Yahava story and love to travel to far-flung places in search of the next great bean. Or maybe it’s because each Yahava is just a little different from the last. Yahava people are those who love coffee (of course) first and foremost, and love to entertain complete strangers and share their knowledge with them. True Yahava people love to have fun while they work and are great at building a team environment. 

There are different franchise formats, the full retail roasting tasting experience, or there is our sister company, the Yahava Kwik Koffee Drive Thrus (see more elsewhere on this website) each is quite different with a different cost of entry. Either way by owning and running a Yahava Franchise you wil be serving our brilliant, award winning coffee to customers who will rave about you and come back again and again. Plus you will build yourself your very own Yahava business and we will teach you how to do it! 

Remember we don’t just take ANYONE who wants a Yahava franchise, for good reason, you have to have that little something that is tough to explain that will make you a part of the Yahava family. Plus we don’t want to grow willy nilly, so franchises are only available in particular areas of Australia and Asia.

If you are an adventurerous person with plenty of drive and spark. If you can see yourself delivering the best service everyday and inspiring others to do the same why not send us an email at john@yahava.com.au


For further information please contact us.