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Customer Profile: Emporium Bistro

Customer Profile: Emporium Bistro

We love the South-West of WA, it’s why we decided to live and work here. Beautiful scenery, clean country air, and passionate people producing great food, wine and COFFEE!!! Toni and Roger Purnell, of Bridgetown’s Emporium Bistro, are those kind of people – serving seasonal food to locals and visitors alike from their heritage listed cafe on the main street.

What we love most about Emporium is the relaxed, country atmosphere which invites you in and makes it very difficult to leave. Nothing is rushed and the food has a real ‘home cooked’ feel about it, from breakfast all the way through to dinner, or for some late afternoon tapas. Beautifully roasted Romeo No. 5 is brewed on their Zagato 2 group espresso machine with real care, and it shows.

If you’re heading down to Bridgetown for a weekend away, catching up with friends for coffee and cake, or chasing something with a bit more guts to it (try the pork hock, and if you finish it let us know!) drop through Emporium Bistro and enjoy Toni and Roger’s hospitality. Now that we think of it, we don’t have any plans this weekend…….

Emporium Bistro
145 Hampton Street, Bridgetown
Open: Monday (9am to 4pm), Wednesday – Sunday (8:30am – 9:30pm)
Public Holidays (10am – 8pm)
pH: (08) 9761 2018
Fax: (08) 9761 2008
Mb: 0418 613 242


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