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Customer Profile: Curbside Cafe and Wine Bar

Customer Profile: Curbside Cafe and Wine Bar



A blend of  classic American diners and modern day coffeehouses, Curbside blends the features of a .
Remember when sitting on the curb with friends was the thing to do? With popsicles in hand and laughter at the tip of our tongues, we used to brave the heat while waiting for the postman to arrive. We’d singlehandedly “redecorate” the kitchen with flour and sugar, only to share our baked goods with the neighborhood. Each of us is prone to taking in stray cats, lost dogs, and wandering souls. Even when we caught a glimpse of a shooting star, we’d make the wish for someone else… 

At Curbside, we still remember those days. We work early, just so we can see you smile in the morning. We’ll always be there with food and drinks, whether you’re starting your day or continuing your evening. And even on our best days, we’ll aim to do better.

Our team is made up of individuals who care about what they do and the people they do it for — you.

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