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    Origin: Papua New Guinea, Colombia

    Body: Bold

    Flavours: Butterscotch and Chocolate Tones with a Sweet Vanilla finish

    We all know our famous tag line ‘Adventure in a cup’ – but what you may not know is the lengths we go to in order to create new and exciting experiences – so you can fall in love with our koffee all over again.

    Our adventurers now span all across the south west, over to the east in hoppers crossing and of course overseas in Singapore – which was the perfect backdrop for us to create our latest seasonal offering – the 2014 edition of Storm. The break from the cooler months in WA was welcome, with humidity which hugs your body and warms your soul. It reminded us of eating a warm dessert on a cold night, and a concept for the cup profile was created.

    While the concept for this next adventure was a simple Singaporean epiphany – getting these flavours to sing in the cup was not. With a number of Yahava’s roasting team in the air conditioned Yahava SG green bean room we started talking about our experiments as roasters, those moments where we have strayed from our typical paths in order to ‘test a theory’ or ‘explore a hunch’. We all know that these are the moments where adventure begins – and our team love it.

    To create something new, you have to do something new, and this is why the 2014 Storm is something completely different: We have roasted our favourite coffee from PNG in two different ways to create the dessert-like sweetness we were after, whilst maintaining the big bold body we associate with winter coffees. Add to this a true classic of the Yahava koffee family, our dark roast Colombian, and you have a winter treat which will satisfy bold adventurers and sweet-tooths alike.

    Butterscotch tones meld with the bite of chocolate and finish with the sweetness of vanilla – another delicious koffee experience to symbolise another great adventure in a cup.

    -Gary Sawyer

    To purchase, please click here:http://www.yahava.sg/shop/storm/


  • The Launch of the Geisha

    We've just released our new Premium Series - sourced from the Sanchez Family's Estate in Costa Rica. This coffee is absolutely beautiful.

    Here's why:
    The rich volcanic slopes of Tarrazú in Costa Rica provide the perfect growing conditions for the beautiful Geisha coffee tree. The Sanchez family’s estate is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level to provide the ultimate growing conditions for the ultimate bean.

    Geisha growers have fascinated the industry with their micro-lot harvests and rigorous quality-focused farming practices.
    The Geisha variety is considered to consist of some of the most brilliantly complex and rich flavour profiles of any bean in existence.

    This is why the La Candelilla Estate Geisha is one of the world’s true premium coffees.
    Grown by the Sanchez family – Roasted by the Yahava family.

    Tasting Notes

    This Geisha has some tea-like characters upfront, juicy mid-palate tones, and an elegant, sweet finish.

    Tastes Great if you...

    Keep it as pure as possible! This is one of the world's best coffees! It would be a shame to alter the taste with anything else!

    If you have a taste for espresso - serve it up as a double and enjoy - if you're in to your alt-brews give it a go through a Chemex, Pourover or Plunger - you won't regret it (especially through a Chemex!)



    Occasionally, during our adventures, we discover coffees that reflect their origin in such a way, through a combination of concentration and balance, that sets them apart. These coffees carry the title of 'Yahava Premium Series' and, we believe, are amongst the best in the world. They are the result of a special relationship between grower and region, and we compete with boutique roasters the world over to source these rare beans. We then roast with meticulous attention to detail, to produce a 'must taste' experience for coffee lovers.

    Their rarity means we will only ever source small quantities of these coffees for our 'Yahava Premium Series' releases, and only when the harvests become available so we are able to present them at their freshest.

    To purchase the beans, please visit our online shop or click: http://www.yahava.sg/shop/premium-series-geisha-2/


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Baron’s Comment

Yahava Kwik Koffee Drive Thru opens in Busselton LIA on Saturday 19th October. This is to be the first of our stand-alone road stores with we hope many more to come. The question I am asked “Isn’t Yahava becoming just another coffee franchise?” Good question.

If you go onto our Facebook page you will see plenty of requests for Yahava stores closer to where many of our fans live. We are listening to what you are saying and we think you should be able to get the same fantastic Yahava coffee (beverages and beans) from a drive thru without sacrificing any of our quality or values. In fact that ‘s our promise or we will close it down.

You will find each store we open will be owned and operated by local people (our partners) dedicated to serving their local communities. We will continue to control the bean sourcing, supply and the roasting so we can guarantee the quality of every batch.

Each store operates with our fans in mind. We will only ever make great coffee.

We will only ever build new stores where we can guarantee that promise. So if we seem a bit slow getting to your town that’s because we are so darn fussy.

Thinking of you always

The Koffee Baron

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